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Acland, Peregrine
All Else is Folly

Audette, Adalard
Verses Written in the Trenches

Cody, H.A.
Chief of the Ranges, The
Crimson Sign, The
Fighting Stars
Fighting-Slogan, The
Fourth Watch, The
Frontiersman, The
Girl at Bullet Lake, The
Glen of the High North
If Any Man Sin
Jess of the Rebel Trail
King's Arrow, The
Long Patrol, The
Master Revenge, The
Red Ranger, The
River Fury, The
Rod of the Lone Patrol
Storm King Banner
Stumbling Shepherd, The
Touch of Abner, The
Trail of the Golden Horn, The
Under Sealed Orders
Unknown Wrestler, The

Connor, Ralph
Angel and the Star, The
Arm of Gold, The
Beyond the Marshes
Black Rock [Authorized Printings]
Black Rock [Unauthorized Printings]
Corporal Cameron
Treading the Winepress

Coughlin, Bing

Dumbrille, Dorothy
We Come! We Come!

Fraser, W.A.
Blood Lilies
Brave Hearts
Bulldog Carney
Delilah Plays the Ponies
Eye of a God, The
Lone Furrow, The
Mooswa & Others of the Boundaries
Outcasts, The
Red Meekins
Sa'-Zada Tales, The
Sorrow and Old Friends
Thirteen Men
Three Sapphires, The

Garner, Hugh
Storm Below

Graham, Gwethalyn
Earth and High Heaven

Graham, Gwethalyn
Earth and High Heaven

Gray, William
A Sunny Subaltern

Holman, Carrie Ellen
In the Day of Battle

Jaques, Edna
Aunt Hattie's Place
Backdoor Neighbors
Beside Still Waters
Drifting Soil
My Kitchen Window

Johnson, E. Pauline
"And he said 'Fight on'"
Brant, A Memorial Ode
Canadian Born
E. Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake: Collected....
Flint and Feather
In the Shadows
Legend of Siwash Rock
Legend of the Salt-Chuck Oluk
Legends of Vancouver
Moccasin Maker, The
Shagganappi, The
When George Was King
White Wampum, The

King, Amabel (ed.)
Voices of Victory

King, Basil
Abraham's Bosom
Break of Day, The
City of Comrades, The
Dust Flower, The
Empty Sack, The
Giant's Strength, The
Going West
Happy Isles, The
High Forfeit, The
High Heart, The
In the Garden of Charity
Inner Shrine, The
Let Not Man Put Asunder
Letter of the Contract, The
Lifted Veil, The
Pluck: A Novel
Satan as Lightning, A Novel
Side of the Angels, The
Spreading Dawn, The
Steps of Honor, The
Street Called Straight, The
Thread of Flame, The
Way Home, The
Wild Olive, The

Kirby, William
The Golden Dog [1st Text Setting: 678p]

Lockerby, Elizabeth N.
The Wild Brier

McDonald, Sarah E.
Adopted Daughter, The

McDougall, Colin

Meade, Edward
Remember Me

Nablo, James B.
The Long November

Oxley, J. MacDonald
Baffling The Blackade
Bert Lloyd's Boyhood
Boy Tramps, The
Chore Boy of Camp Kippewa, The
Diamond Rock
Donalblane of Darien
Donald Grant's Development
Family on Wheels, The
Fergus MacTavish
Fife and Drum at Louisbourg
From Rung to Rung
Hero of Start Point and Other Stories, The
In Paths of Peril
In the Swing of the Sea
In the Wilds of the West Coast
L'Hasa at Last
My Strange Rescue
Norman's Nugget
North Overland with Franklin
On the World's Roof
Specimen Hunters, The
Standing the Test
Terry's Trials and Triumphs
Up Among the Ice-Floes
With Rogers on the Frontier
Wreckers of Sable Island, The
Young Nor'-Wester, The
Young Woodsman, The

Parker, Gilbert
Money Master, The
Power and the Glory, The

Roberts, Charles G. D.
Around the Camp-Fire
Babes of the Wild [US title: Children of the Wild]
Backwoodsmen, The
Balkan Prince, A
Barbara Ladd
By The Marshes of Minas
Earth's Enigmas
Eyes of the Wilderness
Eyes of the Wilderness and Other Stories
Feet of the Furtive, The
Forest Folk
Forge in the Forest, The
Further Animal Stories
Haunter of the Pine Gloom, The
Haunters of the Silences, The
Heart of the Ancient Wood, The
Heart That Knows, The
Hoof and Claw
House in the Water, The
In the Deep of the Snow
In the Morning of Time
Kindred of the Wild, The
King of Beasts
King of the Mamozekel, The
Kings in Exile
Last Barrier, The
Ledge on Bald Face, The [US title: Jim]
Little People of the Sycamore, The
Lord of the Air, The
Lure of the Wild, The
More Animal Stories
More Kindred of the Wild
Morning of the Silver Frost, The
Neighbours Unknown
Prisoner of Mademoiselle, The
Raid From Beausejour, The
Red Fox
Red Oxen of Bonval, The
Return to the Trails, The
Ruebe Dare's Shad Boat
Secret Trails, The
Seven Bears
Sister to Evangeline, A
Some Animal Stories
They That Walk the Wild
Thirteen Bears
Vagrants of the Barren, The
Watchers of the Camp-Fire, The
Watchers of the Trails, The
Wisdom of the Wilderness
Young Acadian, The

Scott, Frederick G.
In Sun and Shade
In the Battle Silences
Selected Poems

Stringer, Arthur
City of Peril, The
Cristina and I
Dark Wing, The
Devastator, The
Diamond Thieves, The
Door of Dread, The
Empty Hands
Ghost Plane, The
Gun-Runner, The
Hand of Peril, The
Heather of the High Hand
House of Intrigue, The
In Bad With Sinbad
Intruders in Eden
Lady Quite Lost, A
Lamp in the Valley, The
Lonely O'Malley
Loom of Destiny, The
Man Lost
Man Who Couldn't Sleep, The
Marriage by Capture
Mud Lark, The
Phantom Wires
Prairie Child, The
Prairie Mother, The
Prairie Omnibus
Prairie Stories
Prairie Wife, The
Shadow, The [aka Never-Fail Blake]
Silver Poppy, The
Star in a Mist
Story Without a Name, The
Stranger, The
Tooloona. A Novel of the North
Twin Tales
Under Groove, The [aka Night Hawk]
White Hands
Wife Traders, The
Wine of Life, The
Wire Tappers, The
Wolf Woman, The
Woman Who Couldn't Die, The

Trotter, Bernard F.
A Canadian Twilight

Ward, James E.
This England

Watt, Frederick B.
Who Dare to Live

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