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Stringer, Arthur

Index: ST-U01.000
Citation: New York: Bobbs, [1924].
Edition: First US edition.
Note: [NOT LOCATED; the Grosset & Dunlap edition (usually a reprint) attributes copyright to Bobbs-Merrill, suggesting there was an original Bobbs-Merrill edition]

Index: ST-U02.000
Citation: New York: Grosset & Dunlap, [c1924].
Edition: Second US edition.
Note: [medium green cover with black lettering; flyleaf verso blank; photoplay edition; 8 plates; 312p]

Index: ST-U03.000
Citation: London: Reader's Library, [c1924].
Edition: First UK edition.
Note: [burgundy cover with gold lettering; NO plates; 243p]

Index: ST-U04.000
Citation: London: Hutchinson, n.d. [c1925].
Edition: Second UK edition.
Note: [dark green cover, linen grain, with black lettering; British Library public catalogue lists publication date as 1925; photoplay edition; 8 plates; 243p]

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