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House in the Water, The
Roberts, Charles G. D.

Index: RB-T13.000
Citation: London: Ward Lock, n.d. [c1946].
Edition: Second UK edition, late Impression.

Title Page:

      THE HOUSE IN THE | WATER | A Book of Animal Life | By | CHARLES G. D. ROBERTS | 
            Author of | "The Kindred of the Wild," "The Backwoodsmen," | "More Kindred of the Wild," etc. | ILLUSTRATED | WARD, LOCK & 


TITLE-PAGE VERSO: (bottom): Printed in Great Britain by Butler & Tanner Ltd., Frome and London


FLYLEAF: (middle): title.

FLYLEAF VERSO: lists 4 titles by Roberts, including The Ledge on Bald Face, published in 1918.


ILLUSTRATIONS: 8 plates; black-and-white reproductions of paintings; located between pages:

		ii/iii, frontispiece: "Creeping..."
		14/15: "The finest..."
		96/97: "Two dark-visaged..."
		112/113: "Something..."
		144/145: "Then, seizing..."
		160/161: "Prowling..."
		208/209: "It was..."
		224/225: "One great..."

PAPER: white-woven.

PAGES/HEIGHT: [1-4], 5, [6], 7-[8], 9-287, [1p] / 18.8 cm.

TEXT SETTING: sub-edition of the Second UK edition.

COVER: cloth, uncoated / medium green.
	(front, top): title and author's name, in dark reddish brown,
	(front , bottom): [illustration: two wolves], in dark reddish brown.
	(spine, top): [rule], title, [small ornament: diamond], author's name, [small ornament: diamond], all in dark reddish brown.
	(spine, bottom): company name, [rule], all in dark reddish brown.

DUST-JACKET: paper / white background.
	(front, top): [illustration: wolves in winter], in dark brown.
	(front, middle): title, in green.
	(front, bottom): author's name, in green; [notation: NATURE STORIES], in white showing through green panel.
	(spine, top): title, [small ornament: diamond], author's name, all in green, boxed in a single-rule border in dark brown.
	(spine, middle): [illustration: cougar head], in medallion, in dark brown.
	(spine, bottom): company name, in green.
	(back): list of 4 titles by Roberts, in green.
	(front flap): blank.
	(back flap): lists 2 titles by E.G. Boulenger, in green. 

COPIES EXAMINED: pc(2 copies; one with dustjacket)

NOTE: Second UK edition, later Impression, n.d. [c1946]. Text has 287 pages. One pc copy is hand-dated Dec 1946.

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