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House in the Water, The
Roberts, Charles G. D.

Index: RB-T02.000
Citation: Toronto: Copp Clark, 1908.
Edition: First Canadian edition.

Title Page:

      The House in | the Water | A BOOK OF ANIMAL STORIES BY | CHARLES G. D. 
        ROBERTS | Author of | "The Kindred of the Wild," "Red Fox," | "The Heart of the Ancient Wood," "The Forge | in the 
             Forest," "The Heart That Knows," etc. | Illustrated |  and | [illustration: beaver] | decorated by | CHARLES LIVINGSTON BULL | 
             and | FRANK VINING SMITH | THE COPP, CLARK CO., Limited | MDCCCCVIII   -   -   TORONTO

             Boxed in a single-rule border. Main title is in german gothic script; title, author's name, and company name are in red. Illustration
             notation and illustrator's name are flushed left; decoration notation and decorator's name are flushed right.


TITLE-PAGE VERSO: (top): [illustration: beaver].
        (middle): Copyright, 1907, by CURTIS PUBLISHING COMPANY | Copyright, 1908, by FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY | Copyright, 1908, by THE CIRCLE 
                PUBLISHING COMPANY | Copyright, 1908, by ASSOCIATED SUNDAY MAGAZINES, INCORPORATED | [rule] | Copyright, 1908, by L.C. PAGE & COMPANY
                (INCORPORATED) | [rule] | All rights reserved | First Impression, May, 1908 
        (bottom): Colonial Press | Electrotyped and Printed by C.H. Simonds & Co., | Boston, U.S.A. [press name in german gothic script]


FLYLEAF: title, subtitle, and [illustration: beaver].

FLYLEAF VERSO: [header illustration: two beavers in silhouette]; lists 22 Roberts's titles, all published before 1908.

ENDPAPERS: (front): [illustration: bear watching beaver], in green.
	(back): [illustration: beaver cutting down tree], in green.

ILLUSTRATIONS: 1 plate, in full colour; 29 plates, in black-and-white; reproductions of paintings; located between or on pages:

		ii/iii, frontispiece, colour plate: [moose in woods] (with onion-skin protective sheet on which the caption is printed in red).
		7: "Began to climb..."
		15: "A Foraging fish-hawk..."
		19: "The otter..."
		23: "Suddenly rearing..."
		33: "Poked his head..."
		41: "Sticky lumps..."
		53: "Twisted it..."
		57: "Every beaver..."
		61: "It was no longer..."
		71: "He caught sight..."
		89: "Or even..."
		95: "He drowns..."
		101: "Hunted through..."
		105: "A sinister..."
		109: "He sprang..."
		141: "It was not until..."
		147: "Something gleamed..."
		153: "An old she-beaver..."
		169: "Crept slowly..."
		175: "Snapped back..."
		199: "Running..."
		211: "Sniffed loudly..."
		215: "Made a wild thrust..."
		227: "A magnificent..."
		247: "Pulled the butt..."
		253: "He 'belled'"
		267: "In a flash..."
		279: "He curled..."
		291: "In his fright..."

PAGES/HEIGHT: [i-vi], vii-viii, 1-301, [1p], [4p of advertisements for 
        Page publications, paginated]  / side and bottom untrimmed / 19.6 cm.

TEXT SETTING: sub-edition of the First US edition.

COVER: cloth / dark brown.
	(front): [illustration: wolf in woods], in blue, green, white, and black; boxed in a double-rule border, in green, inside of 
                        which is a thin-thick-thin triple-rule border, in green.
	(front, top): title, stamped in gold.
	(front, bottom): author's name, in brown.
	(spine, top): title, in light green on a dark green scroll cartouche; [illustration: beaver],in light and dark green; author's 
                         surname, in light green on a dark green scroll cartouche.
	(spine, bottom): company name [PAGE], in black.
	(back): [ornament: conifer branch], blindstamped.

DUST-JACKET: not seen.


NOTE: First Canadian edition, 1908. The title-page is Copp Clark but the binding is L.C. Page.

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