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House in the Water, The
Roberts, Charles G. D.

Index: RB-T01.300
Citation: Boston: Page, 1908.
Edition: First US edition, variant binding C.

Title Page:

      The House in | the Water | A BOOK OF ANIMAL STORIES BY | CHARLES G. D. 
        ROBERTS | Author of | "The Kindred of the Wild," "Red Fox," | "The Heart of the Ancient Wood," "The Forge | in the 
             Forest," "The Heart That Knows," etc. | Illustrated |  and | [illustration: beaver] | decorated by | CHARLES LIVINGSTON BULL | 

             Boxed in a single-rule border. Main title is in german gothic script; title, author's name, and company name are in red. Illustration
             notation and illustrator's name are flushed left; decoration notation and decorator's name are flushed right.


TITLE-PAGE VERSO: (top): [illustration: beaver].
        (middle): Copyright, 1907, by CURTIS PUBLISHING COMPANY | Copyright, 1908, by FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY | Copyright, 1908, by THE CIRCLE 
                PUBLISHING COMPANY | Copyright, 1908, by ASSOCIATED SUNDAY MAGAZINES, INCORPORATED | [rule] | Copyright, 1908, by L.C. PAGE & COMPANY
                (INCORPORATED) | [rule] | All rights reserved | First Impression, May, 1908
        (bottom): Colonial Press | Electrotyped and Printed by C.H. Simonds & Co., | Boston, U.S.A. [press name in german gothic script]


FLYLEAF: title, subtitle, and [illustration: beaver].

FLYLEAF VERSO: lists 22 Roberts's titles, all published before 1908.

ENDPAPERS: (front): [illustration: bear watching beaver], in green.
	(back): [illustration: beaver cutting down tree], in green.

ILLUSTRATIONS: 1 plate, in full colour; 29 plates, in black-and-white; reproductions of paintings; located between or on pages:

		ii/iii, frontispiece, colour plate: [moose in woods] (with onion-skin protective sheet on which the caption is printed in red).
		7: "Began to climb..."
		15: "A Foraging fish-hawk..."
		19: "The otter..."
		23: "Suddenly rearing..."
		33: "Poked his head..."
		41: "Sticky lumps..."
		53: "Twisted it..."
		57: "Every beaver..."
		61: "It was no longer..."
		71: "He caught sight..."
		89: "Or even..."
		95: "He drowns..."
		101: "Hunted through..."
		105: "A sinister..."
		109: "He sprang..."
		141: "It was not until..."
		147: "Something gleamed..."
		153: "An old she-beaver..."
		169: "Crept slowly..."
		175: "Snapped back..."
		199: "Running..."
		211: "Sniffed loudly..."
		215: "Made a wild thrust..."
		227: "A magnificent..."
		247: "Pulled the butt..."
		253: "He 'belled'"
		267: "In a flash..."
		279: "He curled..."
		291: "In his fright..."

PAGES/HEIGHT: [i-vi], vii-viii, 1-301, [1p], [4p of advertisements for Page publications, paginated], [2p of advertisements for 
        Page titles, paginated] / top edges stained red; side and bottom untrimmed / 19.5 cm.

TEXT SETTING: First US edition.

COVER: cloth, vertical ribbed grain / navy blue.
	(front): [illustration: wolf in woods], in blue, green, white, and black; boxed in a double-rule border, blindstamped, inside of 
                        which is a thin-thick-thin triple-rule border, in gold.
	(front, top): title, stamped in gold.
	(front, bottom): author's name, in navy blue.
	(spine, top): title, in gold, in a gold scroll cartouche; [illustration: beaver], in gold; author's surname, in gold, in a gold scroll 
	(spine, bottom): company name, [rule], location, in gold.
	(back): [ornament: conifer branch], blindstamped.

DUST-JACKET: not seen.


NOTE: First US edition, variant binding C, 1908. May be a later Impression.

        Notice: due to be published 1st March by L.C. Page [Bookseller and Stationer 24.2 (Feb 1908): 23].

        The notices advertising L.C. Page's "New Fiction" found at the back of the First Edition of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of 
        Green Gables (1908) lists Roberts's The House in the Water and describes the publication thus: "With cover design, sixteen 
        full-page drawings, and many minor decorations by Charles Livingston Bull. Cloth decorative, with decorated wrapper ... $1.50" 
        [information noted by Appollonia Steele, Special Collections Librarian, University of Calgary].

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