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My Strange Rescue
Oxley, J. MacDonald

Index: OX-Q01.200
Citation: London: Nelson, 1895.
Edition: First UK edition, variant binding B.

Title Page:

        My Strange Rescue | AND OTHER STORIES | Of Sport and Adventure in Canada | BY | J. MACDONALD OXLEY | 
                Author of "In the Wilds of the West Coast," "Diamond Rock," | "Up Among the Ice-Floes" | Etc. Etc. | [decorative rule] | THOMAS NELSON 
            AND SONS | London, Edinburgh, and New York | [short rule] | 1895

            Subtitle in german gothic script. A secondary title-page (on p. iii) reads: My Strange Rescue | [rule] | AND OTHER 
          STORIES | OF | [illustration: man sledding] | Sport and Adventure in | Canada | [rule] | T NELSON & SONS



DEDICATION PAGE: none, but p. v reads: PREFATORY NOTE. | [ornamental rule] | The Author begs to express his 
        acknowledg- | ments to the publishers of Our Youth, Youth's | Companion, Harper's Young People, Golden Days, | and 
        other periodicals, in whose pages many of | these stories and sketches were first published. | J. M. O. 

FLYLEAF: blank.


ENDPAPERS: intricate floral pattern, in light green.

ILLUSTRATIONS: 32 plates; black-and-white reproductions of paintings and engravings; located 
        on numbered pages:

		ii, frontispiece: "He found himself..."
		18: "In a few seconds..."
		31: "Bruno struck..."
		39: "Like a stone..."
		49: "The ice opened..."
		63: Archie aimed..."
		68: "The perfect motion..."
		81: "we are discovered..."
		85: "Cod-fishing..."
		101: "The poor creatures..."
		113: "Capturing the moose..."
		123: "Shooting a fall..."
		127: "Eskimo woman..."
		137: "Seal-hunting..."
		147: "Johnston sent his tomahawk..."
		159: "Snow-shoeing."
		163: "The start"
		165: "The close"
		177: "Jack felt himself weakening..."
		183: "Rescuer and rescued"
		203: "Mort crawled..."
		215: "He levelled his rifle..." 
		225: "They were too bewildered..."
		245: "Coureur de Bois"
		253: "Hunger, cold, and disease..."
		265: "Lumbering"
		285: [Boy escaping out of window]
		297: "The forms of the two boys..."
		317: "Again and again..."
		335: "They saw their companion..."
		343: "The game goes on..."
		358: "Theo's triumph"

CONSTRUCTION: frontispiece and ornate title-page are conjugate and tipped in.

PAGES/HEIGHT: [i-vii], viii, [9]-368 / 19.4 cm.

TEXT SETTING: First UK edition.

COVER:  cloth, diagonal ribbed grain / medium blue.
	(front): boxed in multiple ornate borders and decorative flourishes, in black.
	(front, top): title, stamped in gold.
	(front, middle): [illustration: man on a sled], stamped in gold with details in white, blue, and black.
	(front, bottom): subtitle, in black; author's name, in black, inside frame of borders.
	(spine): [illustration: two individuals pulling one other up to a window]; figures stamped in gold, details in black, white, 
                        and blue; all boxed in ornate black borders.
	(spine, middle): title, in raised blue letters on a stamped gold panel; author's name in black.
	(spine, bottom): company name, in raised blue letters on a gold panel.
	(back): company monogram, medallion shaped, blindstamped.

DUST-JACKET: not seen.


NOTE: First UK edition, variant binding B, 1895. One page of preliminary materials missing in OTU-R copy.

        Offered in Canada by William Drysdale & Company, Montreal [Bookseller and Stationer 11.1 (Jan 1895): 16].

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