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Dust Flower, The
King, Basil

Index: KG-D04.000
Citation: London: Hodder & Stoughton, n.d. [c1923].
Edition: First UK edition.

Title Page:

THE | DUST FLOWER | BY | BASIL KING | Author of "The Empty Sack," etc. | [ornament: company monogram] |

         Framed in an ornate cartouche.


TITLE-PAGE VERSO: (bottom): Made and Printed in Great Britain   Butler & Tanner, Ltd., Frome and London


FLYLEAF: (top): [rule], title, [rule].

FLYLEAF VERSO: lists 4 titles by King, all published before 1923.


PAGES/HEIGHT: [1-4] 5-320 / 18.0 cm.

TEXT: First UK text setting.

COVER: paper over boards, coarse-weave grain / red.
	(front): four vertical bars with drapery design, all blind stamped.
	(front, top): [ornament: company monogram], blindstamped.
	(spine, top): [double-rule box], title, [small ornament], author's name, all in black.
	(spine, bottom]: [company monogram], [triple rule], [double rule], company name, [double-rule box], all within
                      an ornate cartouche.

DUST-JACKET: paper / yellow background.
	(front, top): author's name, [notation: Arresting and romantic story...], and title, all in black on yellow panel.
	(front, middle to bottom): [illustration: woman seated and man in waves], all in colour.
	(front, bottom): company initials, in yellow on a black panel.
	(spine, top): title, in black.
	(spine, middle): author's name, in black.
	(spine, bottom): [price: 2/-]; [small illustration: ship firing flare], in black; company initials, in yellow on
                      black panel. 
	(back): blurb on author and 2 of his titles, all in black against yellow.
	(front and back flaps): list of 1924 titles.

COPIES EXAMINED: pc(dustjacket)

NOTE: First UK edition, [c1923]. The British Library Public catalogue lists the publicationdate as 1923. The
         dustjacket lists titles from 1924. Notation on p. 320 (bottom) reads: Printed in Great Britain by Butler & Tanner Ltd.,
             Frome and London

          Musson, Hodder & Stoughton's Canadian agent, appears to have imported this edition for sale in 
          Canada. It appears in the "New Books" list, priced at $2.00 in early 1923 [Bookseller and Stationer
          39.1 (Jan 1923): 53], although it was advertised for the Fall of 1922 [B&S 38.9 (Sep 1922): 30]. 

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