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Brave Hearts
Fraser, W.A.

Index: FR-B03.000
Citation: Toronto: Morang, 1904.
Edition: First Canadian edition.

Title Page:

    BRAVE | HEARTS | [rule] | BY | W. A. FRASER | [rule] | MORANG & CO. LIMITED |
         TORONTO ::::::::::::::::: 1904

         Boxed in a double-rule border.


TITLE-PAGE VERSO: (middle): Entered according to Act of the Parliament of Canada, in the year | Nineteen Hundred and Four, by
         MORANG & CO. LIMITED, at the | Department of Agriculture.

DEDICATION PAGE: (middle): NOTE | The gallant bay, Brave Heart, that won the |"Foxbrook" at Saratoga, so
         typically embodies | the game qualities of thorough-breds in general, | that I have pluralized his name
         as an embracing | title for this collection of race-horse stories. | W. A. F.

FLYLEAF: (middle): title.



ILLUSTRATIONS: 1 plate; sepia reproduction of a photograph; located between pages:

		ii/iii (frontispiece): "The Finish"

PAGES/HEIGHT: [i-x], 3-307, [1p] / side and bottom edges untrimmed / 19.8 cm.

TEXT: sub-edition of the First US edition.

COVER: cloth, coarse weave grain / burgundy.
	(front, top): title, stamped in white.
	(front, middle): [illustration: three horses' heads], in brown, white and black.
	(front, bottom): author's name, stamped in white.
	(spine, top): title, in white; [ornament: horse's head], medallion shaped, in brown and white; author's surname,
                      in white.
	(spine, bottom): company name, in white.

DUST-JACKET: not seen.


NOTE: First Canadian edition, 1904.
        Title appears on Canadian copyright registrations list under Morang [Bookseller and Stationer 20.6 (Jun
        1904): 239], suggesting it was published in late May or early June.

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