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When I arrived at the English Department of the Royal Military College in 1969, Reg Watters, who was Department Head at that time, was engaged in revising his A CHECK LIST OF CANADIAN LITERATURE for its 1972 publication. Watters's original 1958 work had established the basic canon of Canadian Literature, identifying its authors and their works. The revised edition tied up loose-ends, corrected errors, and added some new material. But time and limited resources had not allowed Watters to present thorough bibliographical listings of individual titles. To accomplish the enormous task he had set for himself, Watters had to be content with listing only the first editions of a given author's publications.

Since Watters's ground-breaking work, not a great deal has been done to further his efforts, and certainly not in a comprehensive way. There are some notable exceptions: the bibliographical information that forms part of the critical materials accompanying the texts edited and published by the CEECT Project at Carleton University provides a model for such scholarship. Also, special note should be made of Elizabeth Brady's work on Kirby's THE GOLDEN DOG, and Carl Spadoni's recent bibliography of Stephen Leacock's writings.

The intention of this website is to create a centralized repository for bibliographical studies of Canadian titles and to act perhaps as a stimulus to further efforts. The information recorded here was gathered over a number of years with the financial assistance of the Arts Research Program at the Royal Military College, Kingston. Without those resources, the work could not have been pursued.

I am particularly indebted to Ms. Sonya Roberts for her research assistance relating to the works of Gilbert Parker and to Dr. Judith Leggett for her assistance with reference to William Kirby.Thanks also to Ms. Deborah Hutchinson for her work on H.A. Cody, Norman Duncan, W.A. Fraser, and J. MacDonald Oxley; to Dr. Craig Peterson for his work on Robert Barr; and, to Ms. Laurel Ann Hasler for her work on Charles G.D.Roberts. In addition, a number of other scholars and librarians have helped along the way and I have endeavoured to note that help at the end of particular entries. Any errors, of course, are mine.

In closing, I would like to offer special thanks to my son Douglas Vincent for the variety of roles he has performed while studying full-time as an undergraduate and graduate student in English. Doug has acted as a primary researcher, checked details back to sources, and helped prepare the materials gathered to be made accessible through electronic means.

Finally, in developing this form of access, I have had the invaluable assistance, advice, and encouragement of Douglas Stewart and his staff at DAS Software, Kingston. Together, we have worked to bring the potential of the available technology to the service of the project.

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